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Hosts Ken Hess & Jason Perlow

Hosts Ken Hess, Jason Perlow & Joel Ferman

About the Show

Frugal Friday exists solely to help you in your quest to become frugal in your place of business or job. Our guests are industry professionals currently working in IT and related disciplines. Call in and ask questions or contact me to find out how to contact my guests.

Need a voiceover? Go to the Friends link below and connect with Dave Youngdahl of

The intro and sign-off music comes from a fellow in England, who goes by the name DonkeyT or DonkeyTugger. He graciously gave me his song, Illustrious, without vocals. The song itself is very cool. You may download and listen to the original tune. I used the riff that's about 1:20 into the song for the intro. Once you hear the song, you'll know why I wanted to use it.

Ken Hess and Jason Perlow

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